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Appraisal Services

Proudly Serving The New York Area For Over 20 Years

Commercial & Residential Appraisals You Can Count On

Our Process Makes The Difference

Our team of professionals work hard to make the appraisal process fast and easy for you.

Starting from the initial phone consultation with one of our experienced realty advisors, through the prompt delivery of our final report you will be given with the same high level of attention and detail to your project as we would expect for ourselves.  

We will make every step of the appraisal process clear and understandable right from the start.  Our experienced professional appraisers with thoroughly inspect every aspect of your property and obtain all necessary permits, inspections and documentation required.

We pride ourselves on our proven track record of customer satisfaction and look forward to working with you in the future.

Commercial & Residential Appraisal Services

Below is a list of the services we regularly perform for our clients. We also offer additional personalized service for any sized commercial or residential project.  Please contact us if you require any services not listed below.

Commercial Appraisals

Highly credentialed commercial appraisers with more than 20 years experience are available to conduct appraisals for multi-family buildings, warehouse and other industrial buildings, Gas stations, auto repair shops and car wash buildings, office buildings and other commercial properties.

Residential Appraisals

Leo & Scoblete offers comprehensive appraisal services, form reports, narrative reports, field reviews, desk reviews and additional products designed to meet your specific needs.

Assessment Appeal Services

There are as many different procedures for appealing assessments as there are property taxing districts, so it’s important to work with experienced professionals. Leo & Scoblete Realty Advisors will conduct an independent, third-party report based on our own evaluation. Tax assessments are calculated from property values that may have been recorded some time ago, many times property values were considerably higher depending on the property and when it was assessed. The lag between the current market value and the value at the time of assessment could mean a higher tax burden than is warranted. Media reports indicate dramatic increases in the number of tax appeals being filed in municipalities across the country. A tax appeal can remedy the situation, and a professional appraisal could determine whether an appeal is warranted.

The deadline for filing an appeal with the Tax Commission in New York City is March 1st and in New Jersey the deadline for filing is April 1st. The appeal requires the applicant to indicate how much he/she thinks the property is currently worth.

Annual Inspections & Servicing

Annual inspection of the collateral is required for most commercial loans. Leo & Scoblete regularly uses the established Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Site Inspection Form, Client specific forms, or can create a form that addresses your Scope of Work.

Other servicing inspections available include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss Draft
  • Confirmation of Repair
  • Disaster Issues (hurricane, flood, fire, earthquake, other)
  • Tenant Open-for-Business Confirmation
  • Monitoring of Watch List property or properties of concern

Our annual servicing inspections cover:

  • All property types
  • Property interiors and exteriors
  • Deferred maintenance issues
  • Potential life safety issues

Estate Valuations

If your estate involves real property, a professional real estate appraisal is required. Whether you need to pay estate taxes or are interested in selling the property, an appraisal from a reliable and experienced appraiser is critical in evaluating the property. There are many situations when you might need to know the value of a property on a specific date in the past, known as a retrospective appraisal rather than when the appraisal was conducted. For estate tax purposes or disposition of assets of a decedent, Leo & Scoblete can provide a “date of death” valuation as well as many different valuations that you may need in the probate process.

Divorce Appraisals

The first step when deciding “Who gets the house?” is getting an accurate appraisal. Leo & Scoblete ‘s professional, high quality appraisals will stand up in court proceedings and under the most sensitive circumstances.

Single-Family Residential Appraisal (1004)

This report is completed on the URAR form 1004 and provides the benefit of a full interior and exterior inspection of the subject property. This report is used to estimate the market value of the subject property as defined in Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), and is completed in compliance with Leo & Scoblete and customer guidelines.

The product includes the following attachments: a completed URAR form, subject property photos including front, rear, street scene and any amenities substantially affecting marketability and/or value, comparable sales photographs, flood map if property is located in a flood prone area, a floor plan sketch with exterior dimensions and gross living area calculations, location map showing accurate locations of the subject and all sales utilized in the report and appropriate certifications and limiting conditions.

Single-Family Residential Appraisal, Non-Owner Occupied (1004)

This report is similar in all respects to the standard Single Family Residential Appraisal with the following additions: A completed Single Family Rent Schedule (form 1007) and an Operating Income Statement (form 216).

Two-to-four Unit Residential Appraisal (1025)

Appraisals of two-to-four unit residential properties are reported utilizing the Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report. This report provides analysis of competitive listings, cost approach, an analysis of competitive rents, and a sales comparison analysis. Included in the attachments is a completed operating income statement.

Other attachments in a two-to-four unit appraisal are: subject property photographs including a front, rear and street scene, photographs of the comparable rentals and comparable sales, location map detailing the locations of the subject and all rentals, listings and sales utilized in the report, a floor-plan sketch with exterior dimensions and gross living area calculations for each unit and appropriate certifications and limiting conditions.

Condominium Appraisal (1073 and 1004)

Condominium appraisals are reported on the Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report and comply with USPAP, Leo & Scoblete, and customer guidelines. Condominium appraisals completed for FHA loans will be reported on the URAR form 1004. A full interior and exterior inspection of the subject unit is made and a concise analysis of the project and market are provided. Attachments comparable to those included with the single-family residential report are also included in the condominium report. Non-owner-occupied unit appraisals include a completed rent schedule and operating income statement.

Cooperative Interest Appraisal (1075)

Appraisals of Cooperative Units are reported on the Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report. A complete interior and exterior inspection of the subject unit and the project is made and a concise analysis of the project is reported. The form also includes the number of shares attributable to the subject unit, monthly maintenance fees, total number of shares outstanding for the project and blanket financing information. Underlying mortgage information is also a required reporting component and includes: outstanding balance, monthly payment, rate, and type of mortgage, mortgage due date and tax information.

A complete cooperative appraisal includes the following attachments: sketch showing interior unit dimensions and gross living area calculations, interior subject photographs, exterior subject photographs and project amenities, photographs of the exterior of each comparable sale, a map detailing the location of the subject and all comparable sales considered in the report and appropriate certifications and limiting conditions.

Insurable Value & Replacement Costs

Leo & Scoblete is offering investors a consulting service to help with the evaluation of potential investment properties. We will advise clients on property values and provide a thorough analysis of potential return on investment and market trends in the neighborhood, information that is the key to making important decisions about real estate investment.

Types of properties included under the service range from a single-unit condo or co-op to multi-family buildings or raw development sites. The appeal of our consulting service is that unlike realtors and brokers, we are able to present ourselves as a disinterested party in the process of investing in a property. We have closely monitored and examined trends in the real estate market. The consulting service is available for both commercial and residential properties in the five boroughs and throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Proudly Serving The New York Area For Over 20 Years

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